Safelock is the most slip resistant steel flooring in the Lionweld Kennedy range.  Due to the double serration, Safelock is used in the most extreme conditions where slip resistance is vital such as oil rigs or other areas where lubricants are regularly used.

Mesh Sizes

 Safelock 1 steel grating

Load Bearing bar centres (A) Transverse bar centres (B)
N (30mm) 100 (mm)
W (41mm)


As standard, load bearing bars are spaced at 41mm however they can be spaced at 30mm centres which will increase the load bearing capabilities of the grating  or simply reduce the mesh size.   Safelock load bearing bars are machine serrated as standard to provide optimum slip resistance.

To enable machine serrations in both directions (double serrated), the transverse bars are made from 13mm x 13mm x 3mm inverted angles and then pressure locked into the load bearing bars.  The angle bars are usually spaced at 100mm centres as standard.


Loading Criteria

The following flooring load tables are being updated to reflect the requirements of BS EN ISO 14122-2-2001+A1:2010 & BS4592-0:2006+A1:2012, which include a more onerous concentrated load. If you require assistance please contact Lionweld Kennedy Technical team on 01642 233297.


How to order

  1. Select the loading requirements from the above table.
  2. Determine your maximum clear span (open area between supports) and using our load tables select the required load bearing bar size.
  3. Select the required mesh size.
  4. Choose your surface type and finish. (Safelock is offered with a 'Double Serrated' surface as standard)


EXAMPLE 25x5 N 100 (30/100) Double Serrated Galvanized



Need help with Technical Specifications?

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Machine Serrated Load Tables

Currently being updated, please contact our technical team on 01642 233297 for loadings.

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