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1. Load Bearing Bars - A longitudinal load carrying bar of uniform section spanning between supports.

2. Transverse Bar - A member fixed at right angles to the load-bearing bars to provide lateral restraint.

3. Binding Bar - A bar fixed to the edge of a fabricated flooring panel fitting flush with the top of the load-bearing bars.

4. Deep Binding Bar - A bar fixed to the edge of a fabricated flooring panel of greater depth than the load-bearing bar, projecting below the underside.

5. Span & Length - Running parallel with the load-bearing bars, this is the overall dimension of a flooring panel. This dimension is always referred to as ‘length’ even if it is shorter than the width.

6. Width - Running right angles to the load-bearing bars, this overall dimension is referred to as the ‘width’ even if it exceeds the length.

7. Pitch - The pitch is the calculated as the distance centre-to-centre of the load bearing bars or centre-to-centre of the transverse bars.

8. Plain vs Serrations - Plain flooring has load-bearing bars that are smooth. Serrations have notches formed in the top surface of the load-bearing bars to improve slip resistance.

9. Nosing Bar / Slip Resistance - Edging Nosing Bars are members welded to the front edge of a stairtread or to a flooring panel for sighting and slip resistance.

10. Toe Plate / Kick Flat / Kick Plate - Toe plate is a flat bar welded around a flooring panel projecting above the top of the load-bearing bars.

 11. End Plate - A plate welded to a stairtread for fixing to s stringer.

12. Curb Angle - A rolled steel angle (RSA) fixed to concrete or supporting steelwork at the perimeter of a flooring area.