GRP Flowgrip

GRP FlowGRiP plank flooring is a pultruded one piece constructed flooring which is interlocked with a tongue and groove, suitable for large spans and specialist applications and used for odour control and forms part of our GRP Gratings range.

FlowGRiP’s increased strength allows spans up to 1400mm with 1/200 deflection. FlowGRiP is available punched for drainage, and meets 15mm dropped object requirements for offshore use. Its strength provides excellent impact and loading characteristics and is fast and easy to install with low maintenance. 

Mesh Sizes & Resins 

Available Panel Sizes
Grating Depth Standard Panel Size Open Area % Approx Weight Kg/m2
40mm solid 500 x 6000 - 19
40mm solid  600 x 6000 - 16
40mm solid  600 x 6000 LD  - 13
40mm solid  500 x 6000 - 18


Available Resins
Resin NFR & Fire Retardant Options Chemical Resistance


Isophthalic Polyester Good Grey - BS00A05 /  Yellow - BS08E53
Vinylester Excellent Grey - BS00A05 /  Yellow - BS08E53



 Flowgrip Section



The component parts for FlowGRiP products are produced by the pultrusion process, whereby continous glass fibres and reinforcments are drawn through special dies where they are impregnated with resin and shaped to form the required section before the panels solidify. The benefits of this material are numerous. 

  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Low Maintenance
  • High Strength
  • Non Magnetic
  • Low Weight
  • UV inhibited
  • High Fatigue and impact strength
  • Non-sparking
  • Low conductivity



FlowGRiP is available as an open grating or as a solid flooring where its advantages over the other GRP products include:-

  • Stiffer and stronger
  • higher strength to weight ratio
  • Requires support on two sides of the panels
  • Available as a solid or open flooring whilst maintaining the same depth
  • Interlocking feature eliminates deflection between panels

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FlowGRiP Load Tables

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GRP Flowgrip - 34

GRP Flowgrip - 37