GRP Flowgrate

Flowgrate is a moulded GRP grating with a square mesh pattern and anti slip top surface. With varying mesh sizes and thicknesses, flowgrate has a flame spread rate of 25 or less. This is a cost effective, light weight flooring solution offering good chemical resistance together with excellent anti-slip properties.

Flowgrate panels are available in grey, green, yellow or brown. 

Panel Sizes & Resins 

Panel Details
Grating Depth Standard Panel Size Mesh (mm) Open Area % Approx Weight Kg/m2
25mm 3660 x 1220 38 x 38 70 12
38mm 3660 x 1220 38 x 38 70   18*
38mm 3660 x 1220   19 x 19 34   24 
50mm  3660 x 1220   50 x 50 72  20*

*also available with 3mm gritted solid top





Isophthalic Polyester Dark Grey RAL 7043 Chemical Resistance, Fire Resitant to BS476 7, ASTM - E84 and ASTM - D635
Isophthalic Vinylester Light Grey RAL 7040 Enhanced Chemical Resistant, Fire Retardant to ASTM - E84 and ASTM - D635
 Phenolic** Brown  Excellent Fire Retardant Properties, meets BS476 Part 7 Class 0, and US Coastguard Approval 


* Other colours Green RAL 6017, Yellow RAL 1003   **see Phenolic Data Sheet


  GRP Flowgrate - 113  




  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Low Maintenance
  • High Strength
  • Non Magnetic
  • Low Weight
  • UV inhibited
  • High Fatigue and impact strength
  • Non-sparking
  • Low conductivity



Flowgrate is available as an open grating creating up to 70% open area - its advantages over the other GRP products include:-

  • GRP moulded panels are easily cut and fabricated to suit conditions
  • Cost effective when used for low load, narrow span applications
  • Utilised to good effect in biofilters where a large open area is necessary
  • Ideal for vertical screens and fences


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GRP Flowgrate - 41




Flowgrate Load Tables

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